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Global Competitive Analysis of led Street Lightning Market

The global led street lighting market is now turning into a highly lucrative sector owing to the growth assistance by the global market forces and also increasing support from government entities and regulatory bodies. The expansive opportunities for the market development that have come up in recent years are now projected to attract new players in the global market. A high number of well-established players are now reaping the advantages of lucrative opportunities and are further expected to continue on their path to future success. “These companies in the global led street lighting market do not require high levels of infrastructural expenditure. This thus helps in creating great room for upping the profit margins,” finds TMR analyst. The growing number of new players entering the market and the increasing presence of well-known global players is projected to help in further fragmentation of the solar street lighting market.

According to the research report published on the global led street lighting market, the CAGR of the market will be whopping 16.24% for the given course of forecast period ranging from 2019 to 2027. This growth rate will propel the valuation of the global market to around US$12.54 by the end of 2027. Initially, in 2018, the global market was valued at US$ 3.76 bn.

Commercial Sector to Become Top Application Segment

In terms of application, commercial segment is projected to account for a major share of the global solar street lighting market during the forecast period. The commercial segment is likely to expand at a significant pace during the forecast period due to the rising demand for solar street lighting in public streets, roadways, and commercial malls.

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On the other hand, in terms of regional segmentation, the global solar street lighting market is expected to be dominated by the regional segment of Asia Pacific. Surging urbanization in developing countries in this region has been leading to the rise in the demand for energy. This consequently drives the demand for solar streetlights in this region. Reduction in the price of LEDs and increasing awareness about using energy-efficient lighting are expected to spur the solar lighting system market.

More Trending Reports

Brazil is the leading country in the solar street light market in Latin America. Brazil is heavily investing in LED-powered street lights. The R20 Hub in Brazil is a leading a large-scale LED street lighting program that aims at covering 13 cities with 1.5 million street lights across the country. Solar-powered street light installations in the country are driven by the need to reduce the overburdening of the power grid.

Growing Support by Government Authorities to Help Market Development

The diminishing of natural energy resources is one of the biggest driving factor for the burgeoning growth of the global solar street lighting market. Moreover, increasing awareness about green lighting and green planet initiatives are also helping to push the development of the global market. In addition to this, initiatives by the regulatory bodies and government authorities is also expected to market growth.

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