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ALL IN ONE BE Series Solar LED Street Light

ALL IN ONE BE Series Solar LED Street Light

all in one solar led street light

Since we already have ST model all in one solar LED Street light, why we recommend this one...

Before answering this question, a few questions we need to clear up.


If all your answers are yes, then you would choose this one.

 The most outstanding feature is the drawer design, which is more easier to replace battery or controller and don't need to uninstall the whole light to maintain.


Working Modes:

1. Induction sensor mode: 

  • No induction (30%)
  • 100% Full brightness when someone comes by.
  • When someone leaves away from the lamp 30 seconds, it will to get on induction mode with 30% brightness.( any percentage of brightness and time can be customized.

2. Time control mode: 

  • The lamp lights on when illuminance is less than 10lux and starts to count. the first hour 40% brightness, the second period of 2 hours 100% brightness, the third period of 2 hours 50% brightness, the fourth period 7 hours 20% brightness.
  • All 20%,40%,100%, and period hours time can be customized. And max can set up 5 phases periods.

3. Mixed Modes:

  • 5 Hours with 40% brightness.
  • 7 Hours with No induction (30%) + Induction (100%) + Induction time last 30 seconds. All datas can be customized.

4. IOT Modes

IOT (Internet of things), we can control the group lamps through internet on laptop or cellphone. Specially for big projects of city road lightings. All working status (e.g. on/off, percentage of brightness, normal/error, power consumption statistic analysis ) can be monitored.