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Saudi Arabia Industrial Lighting Case Study


1,  Project Summary

2, The Goals

3, Potential Problems

4, Suggestions & Solution

5, Achievements

6, Conclusion

Project Summary

One project was conducted in February 2016 and was centered on a company in Saudi Arabia. The client was starting two new branches of their company in different areas. These areas included a warehouse with rocks, which features loading areas with a sloping roof. It also features Mezzanine areas and an office area. The initial project was created to install suitable lamps into each area highlighted within the plan, which will allow both employees and visitors to the sites to work in a well-lit space, increasing their ability to perform their tasks to their highest standard.

The Goals

The goals of this project are as follows: to provide professional design, and to provide lighting solutions. With these goals in mind, we worked closely and adapted to the client’s needs and began to search for the perfect products and solutions.

Questions & Challenges From The Client

There were a series of questions from the client which we provided professional and expert answers for, to ensure we delivered the design and solutions the client desired. These questions from the client included how many lighting solutions would be needed, and whether they would be suitable for the variations of height in different areas. In further detail, the client asked us why, for the warehouse area, we suggested 250W instead of 500W (our answer is below). As this client in a different country, they were eager to know whether we had intentional standard lighting, and also asked how we were sure of the high quality of our products. They were keen to understand how our warranty terms worked, and whether we could add to the bottom of the high bay to ensure the area was dustproof.

Suggestions & Solution

When considering the client’s requests and questions, we had the following suggestions:

1, For the warehouse area, we decided, upon reflection, that the effect caused by 12.2m rocks would mean using 250W LED high bay light with 13.5m mounting height would be most appropriate. The illumination caused by this would be 270Lux to comfortably light the warehouse and make the environment easier to work in.

2, For the Mezzanine area, we suggested 250W LED high bay light with 7m mounting height. The illumination of this light would be 200Lux, making it ideal for this key area. By alternating the mounting height, we can ensure each area of the Mezzanine is well-lit appropriately.

3, For the loading area with slope roof, we suggested 150W LED tunnel light with 7m mounting height. The illumination for this would also be 200Lux.

4, For the office, we suggested a 36W LED panel light with 2.98m mounting height. The illumination for the office lights would be 500Lux. This chosen light would give precision lighting distribution, allowing employees’ and visitors to work with ease.

5, Why have we suggested 250W over 500W? After we simulated the engineering software, we discovered that, although 500W provided a brighter and wider light, the racks within the warehouse were too high, which would affect the light distribution. It meant that the illumination of the entire warehouse area would not be uniform, and could cause dark areas, which would make working in those conditions difficult and potentially dangerous.

6, How do we ensure high quality? We only use the highest quality brand materials. These brand materials are Cree and Meanwell. Not only do we only use these, but we also hold internationally recognized certificates , such as UL, DLC, CE – EMC& LVD, RoHS, SAA, SASO, and FCC (UL and DLC are the standard certificates a company needs to enter the North American market).

7, We offer a warranty on all our products, along with after-sales terms. Our warranty lasts for five years, and each product is stamped with our company stamp. If the product fails within the five-year period, we will immediately replace or offer a new set of accessories, along with paying the shipping fee.

8, To ensure the bay area will be dustproof, we suggest adding a custom diffuser to add to the bottom of the reflector.


Upon learning of our professional suggestions, the client chose to follow our advice on the specific LED lights we would use. After the installation was complete, the finished result looked beautiful. Further suggestions to the client were to turn off all the lamps at night, due to the brightness mimicking daylight. The LED lights, compared with traditional lamps, not only have a longer lifetime, but they also save between 50-80% on energy bills, making them the ideal cost-saving solution to a business.


By working closely with the client and providing solutions to their lighting problems, we were able to deliver a beautiful, well-lit working environment for all areas of their new branches. Both the client and us are proud and happy with what we collectively achieved.

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