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UK Storage Warehouse Replace Fluorescent Fixtures

John manages 12 buildings for acne incorporated with 2 million square feet, a cold storage warehouse space. Business is booming demand for cold storage warehouse space is in hot demand, so John needs to hire more workers to fill orders.

The competition is also increasing, so John’s boss wants to use part of his operating budget to invest in marketing. This means John has to figure out how to do more with less. John knows electricity is twenty-five percent of his monthly operating costs and he knows that lighting and refrigeration consume most of this electricity. So John decides to reduce his costs by focusing on a solution that will reduce both looking to his lighting system.

John knows it’s costly for four reasons. First, they use a lot of energy because they’re always on to support his 24-7 operation. Second, they only admit fifty percent as much light in the cold. So John has more fixtures than a non-refrigerated warehouse of the same size to deliver the right light levels that make picking safe and efficient. Third John’s old lighting system is a hassle to maintain. He hates calling his maintenance crew in every few weeks to bring in a scissor lift block off an aisle and change burnout lamps.

He’d prefer to use his maintenance crew to maintain machines. But what John really hates is the fourth reason, his old lighting system is so expensive. It emits a lot of heat that makes his refrigeration units hotter requiring even more electricity.

John realizes that if he switches to LED he can spend less on energy maintenance and refrigeration. So John calls his local lighting agent who recommends NCT lighting and control system. LED high bays from NCTlighting use at least fifty percent less energy and amid fifty percent less heat than his old fluorescent fixtures.

So now John’s refrigeration doesn’t have to run so hard, which means he’s spending significantly less on electricity. To John’s surprise as new LED high bay. actually perform better in the cold emitting as much as a hundred and five percent of their potential light output. So he doesn’t need as many fixtures to keep his warehouses well, and with an expected life of a hundred thousand hours. John doesn’t have to call his maintenance crew to change lights, but what john loves about his new lighting system is that he can program automated dimming, and new light schedules right from his desktop or mobile device helping them save even more energy and valuable time. And because NCT helped, John find local utility rebates on his new energy-saving lighting system he can pay off his new investment in less than two years.

What John’s boss loves about the new lighting system is that he can get sustainability reports that prove Acme’s commitment to the environment. We provides smart lighting solutions, like fully integrated network with intelligent controls that can be monitored and operated via software. Minimizing your total cost of ownership and NCT smart lighting solutions are ideal for storage warehouses because they help lower energy bills, practically eliminate routine maintenance, reduce refrigeration costs and provide facility managers like John with system monitoring performance. But that’s just the beginning, visit NCTlighting calm to learn more about our warehouse solutions schedule a free assessment of your current lighting system.

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